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Nonprofits And The Cloud: An Examination Of Future Computing

The future of administrative computing for nonprofits and other organizations lies in the cloud. Experts say that over the next decade more and more people will access software applications and other web services using a variety of physical devices. However, questions remain over how nonprofits and other organizations can better utilize the cloud, instead of relying on personal computers, to better run services that are critical to day-to-day operations.

As reported inTechSoup’s three-part series, based off a recent survey examining the cloud’s use among NGOs, many barriers prevent organizations from fully migrating to the use of cloud services. Concerns over security, cost, and web access remain large factors, but experts say a lack of knowledge is the single largest barrier that troubles organizations as they transfer operational services to the Cloud.

TechSoup’s series details the advantages of cloud computing while also addressing the major challenges facing the organizations struggling to complete the transformation. Using a survey in which users cite specific barriers preventing a full switch to the cloud, and the advantages of its current use, TechSoup’s experts discuss ways to overcome challenges and implement a more inefficient use of the newest cloud-related tools.

Check out TechSoup’s series to learn more about how the cloud is changing the way nonprofits and other organizations run daily operations, and how to overcome the barriers that still limit its optimal use.