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What We Do

About Us

Tech Impact is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world.

At Tech Impact, we believe technology can do amazing things. That is why we have partnered with hundreds of nonprofits organizations around the world since 2003: to help each one realize the potential of technology to achieve their mission.

Our History

Tech Impact was founded with the help of Microsoft, initially as a member of the NPower Network. The spirit of that network lives on in Tech Impact, as does the knowledge accrued from working with a diverse group of nonprofits over the course of a decade.

Our Supporters

Numerous corporations and foundations support our mission. Companies like JPMorgan Chase, Capital One, Deloitte, Microsoft, and SAP America help us make the latest technologies, and expert technology help, accessible and affordable for nonprofits.

Foundations like the William Penn Foundation and The Longwood Foundation leverage our expertise to help their grantees think big about the potential technology can hold.

Our ITWorks supporters like Accenture, AT&T, and Bank of America recognize that technology skill can transform lives and communities. They help us give young urban adults the opportunity to start a career in technology.

We are thankful for the support of these organizations and more than 80 others who join them in support of Tech Impact. We would not be able to do the work we do without them.

What We Do

We provide hands-on technology support to nonprofits. We can implement and support an organization’s entire technology infrastructure, either in the cloud or on-premise.

We maintain and deploy a comprehensive suite of products and services that focus solely on the needs of nonprofits. We are the nonprofit behind npCloud and VolunteerConnect.

We maintain a network of experts that can help a nonprofit overcome almost any technology challenge. We provide affordable expertise in strategic technology planning, project management, database and application development.

We are the place nonprofits can call to make sense of anything from large-scale technology projects, to simple technology maintenance.


Through ITWorks, we help young urban adults (18-24) move into a career in IT. This award winning 16-week program gives them the training, certifications, and experience they need to compete for entry level positions. Our graduates improve their income by over 100% and improve their potential for life.

Our Goal

At Tech Impact, we help communities realize the potential of technology to improve outcomes.

If you have an idea about how we can help the nonprofit organizations you work with, or a young adult you care about, please reach out. We look forward to your call.