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Cloud Services




Servers and Desktops in the Cloud for a low monthly fee.



Critical communication tools in the cloud. Work from anywhere.



Your office phone, with you wherever you go.



Bulletproof Data Backup in the Cloud. Never risk your data.

You’re busy saving the world, but lots of things get in your way. The sprinklers go off, the server crashes, your coworker is stuck at home with the kids, funding for those new computers gets cut. These things shouldn’t get in your way, but they do.

That’s where npCloud comes in.  npCloud helps:

  • Protect your nonprofit against catastrophe – so you never have to worry about your data being lost again.
  • Improve the accessibility of your workplace tools – so your people can work from anywhere on the globe, just as if they were in your office.
  • Save your organization money – so you can use those dollars for more important things, like your mission.

Does that sound too good to be true? It is. That is why we operate as a nonprofit. We take the high margins (the profit) out of these technologies and pass the savings on to you.

Let us help your nonprofit move into the new age of nonprofit technology. Let us worry about it, so you can get back to… saving the world.

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