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The Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit

We’ll explore using social media for branding, deep engagement, and fundraising. We’ll also outline how you can integrate and manage social media within a campaign and discuss how to measure your social media impact.

Provided by Tech Impact

Digital Fundraising in 2021

In this course, you will learn best practices for using social media, email, and additional communication tools to conduct digital fundraising for your nonprofit.

Provided by Tech Impact

Data for Better Decisions and Better Results

Trusting wholly in your instincts is limiting and can open the door to harmful bias. There’s a better way to make decisions: use your experience to ask the questions but use data to find the answers

Provided by Tech Impact

SharePoint: Classic to Modern

Microsoft has made significant improvements and changes to Microsoft 365 SharePoint and Teams in order to provide users with a better experience as well as incorporate new features into the platform.

Provided by Tech Impact

Panel: Unleashing Innovation

Join us for a panel discussion about our latest publication, Unleashing Innovation: Using Everyday Technology to Improve Your Services, with researcher Amadie Hart and expert contributors from innovative nonprofits highlighted in the report.

Provided by Idealware

Social Media Scheduling and Planning Tools

In this free 60 minute webinar, we’ll provide an overview and demonstration of tools such as Hootsuite, Facebook Publishing, and Tweetdeck.

Provided by Tech Impact

Unleashing Innovation: Using Everyday Technology to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Services

This publication uses examples of nonprofits that have used technology innovations to better deliver on their missions, connect with constituents, and improve products and services.

Provided by Tech Impact

Creating and Sharing Impactful Visual Stories

Your nonprofit has a story, but do you know how to share it visually? Visual storytelling is a crucial tool to communicate your mission clearly to your constituents, support your marketing and fundraising efforts, and showcase your nonprofit’s impact.

Provided by Tech Impact

Canva Pro Demonstration

A free 45-minute webinar demonstration of how to use Canva Pro effectively for your nonprofit.

Provided by Tech Impact