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Panel Q & A: Remote Work During (and Beyond) COVID-19

Our panel of experts will share their knowledge of the tools and best practices to create a successful work-from-home culture at your organization.

Provided by Idealware

My Fundraising Event Was Cancelled, Now What? Adapting During COVID-19

You’re working remotely and your planned methods of fundraising have been upended. How can you pivot to virtual events and still meet your goals? How do you shape your message to convey your organization’s urgent needs, stand out, and be sensitive to the grim realities of a pandemic?

Provided by Idealware

Remote Program Delivery: Adapting During COVID-19

Your nonprofit is closed and your staff is working remotely...but people still need you, perhaps now more than ever. How can you overcome the distance and circumstances to meet their needs?

Provided by Tech Impact

How to Set-up Microsoft Teams for First Time Users

You’ve chosen Microsoft Teams for your organization and are tasked to set it up to allow your team to collaborate and communicate with each other and resume productivity. To effectively utilize this platform and to save yourself time and money later, it’s crucial that you configure the tool correctly, instead of just turning it on.

Provided by Idealware

Digital Media Production on a Shoestring Budget

Digital media is a powerful—and increasingly affordable—way to tell your story. What do you need to know to go from concept to broadcasting effective media, without spending big bucks?

Provided by Idealware

Making the Case for Tech: A Nonprofit Workbook and PowerPoint Template

Make a compelling argument to convince funders, board members, executive staff, or peers to support new technology for your nonprofit.

Provided by Idealware

Recruiting Nonprofit Volunteers: The Landscape of Platforms and Services

How can technology help recruit volunteers?

Millions of people across the country want to volunteer their time and energy to help nonprofits whose missions they support succeed. But finding, recruiting, and engaging them can be a challenge. How can technology help?

We spoke with professionals in the field—including consultants, software providers, and volunteer managers—and looked at a wide range of tech solutions you can use. It includes the expertise of consultants, software providers, volunteer managers, and nonprofit leaders, and looks at a wide range of technology solutions you can use to recruit people who want to give their time to your mission.

This concise report will show you how volunteer opportunities inform recruitment methods, what tools and services are available to organizations of varying sizes and budgets, and how they align with recruiting best practices.

Provided by Idealware

Welcome to the Technology Learning Center!

This new home for Idealware resources is the culmination of our merger with Tech Impact and combines all the nonprofit tech content and services you trust in one place!