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Data for Performance Management, Evaluation, Organizational Effectiveness, and Storytelling

You don’t need to be a data scientist in order to make smart decisions that lead to better outcomes for your nonprofit. You can get started with these steps: 

  • Determine what you want to measure.
  • Set up processes and tools for collecting and analyzing the data.
  • Make data part of your decision-making process.
  • Share what you learned, internally and externally. 

A great way to build your knowledge and skills in this area is to watch a recording of our Nonprofit Data for Beginners course. 

Scroll through this section to explore, or jump to these topics: 

Discover Trends in Data for Nonprofits
Solutions for Data Collection, Data Management, and Reporting
Evaluate and Optimize Programs Using Data
Maximize Fundraising Results and Tell Your Story
Become a Sophisticated, Data-Informed Organization
Get Help with Data

Discover Trends in Data for Nonprofits

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) technology and tactics are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and you can learn more about that in Nonprofits Are About People: The “R” in CRM 

Interested in what’s working for other nonprofits? Explore our Women Against Abuse Measuring Impact case study. 


Solutions for Data Collection, Data Management, and Reporting 

Before you purchase or implement any software, conduct a Data Systems Assessment (catch an upcoming webinar). That will help ensure you understand your needs, you are following a sound process for Software Selection, and you are setting your organization up for success with User Adoption 

Then start looking at software guides, reviews, and demonstrations. Get the lay of the land with the Nonprofit Guide to Becoming a Data Informed Organization. 

You will need resources to help you choose data management systems, such as: 

You will also need tools for analysis and reporting. These resources can help: 

And don’t forget that the way you collect data will affect its quality and usability.

Evaluate and Optimize Programs Using Data

Ready to put all that data you’ve collected to work? It’s time to start Measuring Impact [Data Processes & Tools] and designing a Data Process to Support Impact Measurement.  

Maximize Fundraising Results and Tell Your Story

Data can be your best friend when it comes to sharing your nonprofit’s story. Use your reporting tools to keep funders and community members up to date on your needs and impact. 

The Complete Infographic Toolkit is a practical course that teaches you how to create infographics for storytelling.  

Donor Management System Best Practices helps you maximize the value of your donor management software by finding efficiencies as well as ways to unlock fundraising potential using data. 

Become a Sophisticated, Data-Informed Organization

In an organization that is making the most of data, you will likely find: 

  • Data champions at all levels 
  • Practices designed to ensure data quality and privacy 
  • A culture where collecting and acting on data is second nature 

Take a deep dive into the topic of Data Maturity by reading the research report, Becoming a Data-Informed Organization.  

Or learn more about Data Quality Best Practices for Nonprofits or assessing and improving Data Privacy. 

Get Help with Data

Do you need an extra helping hand? Our experienced consultants can assist with Data Systems Selection, Reporting and Visualization, an Ongoing Support for your data needs. Learn more about our Nonprofit Data Management Services.