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Resources and Help with the Cloud, Computers, Phones, Internet, Productivity Software, Cyber Security, and Other Core Technology

Whether you are a technology professional, Accidental Techie, or nonprofit leader, when you’re in charge of IT (Information Technology) for a nonprofit organization you have a lot of decisions to make. How often should you replace computers? What kind of computer should you buy? What kinds of systems should you use for file sharing and collaboration? 

These are tough questions to answer if you don’t have a technical background—and the reality is that many nonprofits don’t have an IT professional on staff

If you are an IT professional or have more experience, you know that it’s nearly impossible to have deep knowledge of every aspect of it. You also want to keep up with trends. 

Scroll through this section to explore, or jump to these topics:  

Discover Trends in IT Infrastructure
Assess and Plan for Stability, Security, and Productivity
Compare and Implement Tools
Maintain and Optimize Your Infrastructure
Get Help with IT Infrastructure

Discover Trends in IT Infrastructure

Wondering what’s new in the world of nonprofit technology? Watch our free video on 25 Free and Low Cost Tools for nonprofits.

Whether by choice or necessity, many nonprofits have staff working from home or from different locations. Tech Tools for Virtual Teams provides an overview of tools for file sharing, collaboration, and communication among distributed teams. 

It’s tough to go 100 percent remote if you still have crucial software running on a server in the office. Learn how one organization moved to Hosted Software in the Cloud [article]. 

Are you battling a dinosaur of a phone system, or dealing with the messiness of having staff use personal cell phones for work? Explore the many options for modern phone systems in our webinar on Unified Communication (check our events calendar for an upcoming session). 

Plenty of handy and affordable tools exist for project management. Read about them in this article on Project Management Technology.

Assess and Plan for Stability, Security, and Productivity

It’s helpful to stay informed about trends, but don’t go mindlessly chasing after them—assess your situation and make a plan. A stable, secure, and productive organization has: 

  • Software up to date 
  • Appropriate equipment for each team member 
  • Security measures like antivirus, a firewall, strong password policies, and staff training 
  • Files organized and accessible, even remotely 

You can also go deeper into data privacy and security with these resources: 

Compare and Implement Tools

There’s no such thing as the “best” solution for file storage, collaboration, or productivity. But you can find the best fit for your needs. Here are some introductions and comparisons of some of the popular tools for nonprofits: You can find our Cloud Storage Comparison for Nonprofits and look for upcoming free webinars that provide demos on Office 365 and Box.

Would project management tools help you stay organized and complete projects on budget and on schedule? The Landscape of Project Management for Nonprofits is your guide to this type of software.  

Is it time to upgrade or replace your financial management system? Find out which options to consider and how to evaluate them in Selecting Financial Management Software. And if you want secure access to your accounting software in the cloud, but don’t want to go with a fully web-based option, consider application hosting. Microsoft Azure for Nonprofits is one option.  

Use the Technology Budgeting Worksheet to plan for improvements and ongoing expenses. 

Maintain and Optimize Your Infrastructure

The Accidental Techie course will give you tips on managing technology without an IT background, but you probably still need extra help. Many nonprofits outsource managing their networks, maintaining computers and IT systems, monitoring security, and providing technical support to staff. Read about how this worked for one organization in our Expert Technology Spotlight on Managed IT Services.  

You can get more out of your technology investments when you learn about all the features and productivity tricks. Because so many nonprofits use the Microsoft suite, we have training on Sharing and Collaborating Using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Protect your investment, your organization, and the privacy of your data by Establishing Tech Polices 

One last thing…have you fully modernized your technology infrastructure? Download our guide to The Last Mile: Completing Your Nonprofit’s Ascent to the Cloud and find out how to finally let go of that server. 

Get Help with Your IT Infrastructure

Do you need an extra helping hand? Our team provides complete day-to-day management of your IT systems including help desk, backups, monitoring, ongoing technology advice and long-term planning. Learn more about our Services.