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Tech Planning & Budgeting for Nonprofits

12/06/2022 • EST

As technology advances, so should your IT budget.  Tech Impact wants to help you with the arduous task of technology planning and budgeting for your nonprofit.

Tech Planning and Budgeting

12/06/2022 • EST

This webinar will help you with the task of technology planning and budgeting for your nonprofit to improve efficiency, help better deliver on your mission, and spawn innovation.

Creating Online Fundraising Campaigns that Sizzle!

12/08/2022 • 1:00 pm EST

This webinar will lead you through the underpinnings of successful day-long campaigns.

Choosing a Cloud-based Collaboration Tool: Comparing Popular Options

12/13/2022 • 2:00 pm EST

This webinar looks at the six most common cloud collaboration vendors Tech Impact clients are using.

Data Analysis for Everyone

12/14/2022 • 1:00 pm EST

Data Analysis for Everyone is a brief introduction to data analysis for nonprofits.

TechCheck: A Technology Action Plan Workshop

01/11/2023 • 2:00 pm EST

At course completion, you will have a written TechCheck report and budget to share with your leadership team.

Google Workspace User Group – Q1 2023

01/20/2023 • 1:00 pm EST

Are you interested in how other organizations are overcoming challenges, training users, and rolling out new features in Google Workspace?