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Digital Fundraising in 2021

In this course, you will learn best practices for using social media, email, and additional communication tools to conduct digital fundraising for your nonprofit. 

05/06/2021 • 1:00 pm EDT

Box Demo

Thousands of businesses use Box globally to improve content security and protection and reduce infrastructure costs. Join us for this demo and learn how Box can help your organization.

05/19/2021 • 2:00 pm EDT

Tech Planning and Budgeting

This webinar will help you with the task of technology planning and budgeting for your nonprofit to improve efficiency, help better deliver on your mission, and spawn innovation.

05/25/2021 • 1:00 pm EDT

Google Workspace Demo

Join Tech Impact for this free 60-minute session which will introduce you to Google Workspaces and provide you with a demonstration of its file sharing and email tools.

05/26/2021 • 2:00 pm EDT

Unleashing Innovation: Using Everyday Technology to Improve Your Services

Join us for a panel discussion about our latest publication, Unleashing Innovation: Using Everyday Technology to Improve Your Services, with researcher Amadie Hart and expert contributors from innovative nonprofits highlighted in the report.

05/27/2021 • 1:00 pm EDT

Accidental Techie: How to Support Your Nonprofit Without an IT Background

Let Tech Impact help you through the big IT issues many small nonprofits face. Our three-session course will provide you with the knowledge you need to support your nonprofit.

06/03/2021 • 1:00 pm EDT

Office 365 Demo

Join Tech Impact for a demonstration of the tools and features of Microsoft’s Office 365 for Nonprofits.

06/08/2021 • 2:00 pm EDT

Unified Communications for Nonprofits

06/22/2021 • 2:00 pm EDT

Social Media Scheduling and Planning Tools

In this free 60 minute webinar, we’ll provide an overview and demonstration of tools such as Hootsuite, Facebook Publishing, Tweetdeck, and Airtable.

06/24/2021 • 1:00 pm EDT

Project Management for SaaS Projects

06/29/2021 • 2:00 pm EDT

The Nonprofit Social Media Toolkit

07/08/2021 • 1:00 pm EDT