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Each year, we graduate over 100 students from our workforce development programs that are eager to begin their new careers in the tech and customer service industries. Read more below on how our graduates can add value to your company. 

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No Placement Fees

Hiring partners who secure jobs for our graduates directly through Tech Impact are not required to pay any placement or recruitment fees.

Credentialed and Skilled Candidates

Graduates are certified through Comp TIA+ and Cisco Essentials and up-to-date with current technical training.

See Talent In Action Before Hiring

With 5-week internships a part of program curriculums, hiring partners have the opportunity to work with specific candidates before extending a final job offer.

Diversified Tech Talent

Partners access a diverse pool of candidates that can provide new and thoughtful perspectives while supporting underrepresented groups in the technology world.

Pre-Vetted Participants

All program participants are screened and vetted before acceptance, so hiring partners can expect solid and dependable candidates.

Partnership with Tech Impact

Our team is committed to helping and supporting not only our graduates, but our hiring partners, throughout the recruitment journey to ensure successful placements.

Employer Driven Curriculum

Each program’s curriculum is based around industry-standard training and current market talent needs ensuring high-quality and motivated candidates.
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PNC's Decade-Long Support of Tech Impact

PNC has been involved with the East Coast ITWorks program through volunteering, mentoring, funding, and hiring.

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