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PNC's Decade Long Involvement with Tech Impact

PNC has been involved with the East Coast ITWorks program through volunteering, mentoring, funding, and hiring.

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PNC Bank’s partnership with Tech Impact has spanned more than a decade, and Nelson Acevedo, vice president for PNC Community Development Banking, has been there since the beginning. 

Tech Impact’s ITWorks program fits nicely in PNC Bank’s economic development initiative by providing young adults in the Philadelphia region a path to technology careers without the need for a college degree. PNC was integral to the program’s success in the early years, with financial support, volunteering and internship placement. For his part, Acevedo was particularly impressed with the five-week internship that is included in the program. “Not only are participants learning industry-leading tech skills and professional development skills, they also get the experience of an internship with local employers in the area which provides real experiences and real opportunities. That alone helps differentiate the program, demonstrating its commitment to students and overall impact in the community”.

PNC showcased its full-circle involvement with the ITWorks program when it hired their first graduate as a full-time technician. PNC also continued hosting Friday sessions to help students polish their professional skills, hosting students for their internship and onboarding more full-time technicians as PNC employees. 

When asked why other companies should consider hiring ITWorks grads, Acevedo didn’t hesitate – “they are highly motivated, skilled technicians that will help any company at which they land.” Acevedo also noted the top-notch instruction, wrap-around soft skills training and general overarching excitement from graduates when talking about the quality of young people coming out of the program.

“If someone’s interested in hiring, volunteering, or supporting these programs, I’d tell them to go to a Friday session. See them in the space, check out the classroom and you will see their commitment and desire to their learning. Then, attend a graduation and feel the energy and excitement from the graduates and their family and friends. It’s contagious and is the only way to truly grasp what this program means to the individuals and community itself. The curriculum, statistics and impact numbers speak for themselves, but until you meet the students and instructors and see their motivation, it’s hard to see the whole picture.”

Tech Impact is grateful for PNC’s support of ITWorks. Learn more about ways to get involved in our programs like PNC