Bill Elder Returned To The Workforce

Bill Elder graduated before the rise of the internet and throughout his 30+ year IT career in the private sector, he watch technology evolve from straightforward programming to the artificial intelligence uses we see today. Now, after coming back into the workforce following a brief retirement, he is excited to put his knowledge and skills to good use in the social sector.

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Tech Impact Employees

Bill graduated in 1986 as a Computer Information Systems major at a time when the curriculum was primarily programming focused rather than what we know it as today. 

Over the years, he worked as a Systems Engineer, did hands-on technology support, and even worked for an internet startup company during the internet boom in the 90’s. “It’s been a journey watching it all come together – the evolution of the internet, what that meant for IT positions, and adapting and adjusting along the way”. In 2000, Bill went to work for IBM as a Solutions Architect and then with other major corporations, staying in the private sector until his retirement in 2021.

Overlapping his time in the private sector, Bill starting volunteering to help a local nonprofit with their IT by providing guidance and support to their staff during his off-hours. “I realized they could really use some support with their technology and knew I could help”. During his volunteering time, he acted as the nonprofit’s IT liaison and even had run ins with Tech Impact when looking for outside support.

"I'm Not Done Yet"

In 2021, Bill decided it was time to retire and hung up his hat with the private sector, but continued working on the side with his volunteering. Two years into retirement, Bill got the itch that he wasn’t quite done with his career yet. “I said to myself, if I am going to go back to work, I want it to mean something. I want to give back and do good, so I exclusively looked for positions in nonprofit IT. I came across the position at Tech Impact, remembered the organizations for years before, and it instantly clicked”.

Bill interviewed and landed the position of Customer Engagement Manager - Technical Services where he works with all new Managed Service clients to get them onboarded and setup for Tech Impact’s full-support services. “I love working with our customers and hearing their stories and learning about their communities. I get to help tiny two-person teams with no IT knowledge one minute, and then huge, international organizations with multiple sites the next. It definitely keeps it interesting”.

When Bill thinks about his decision to return to the workforce, he knew it was the right choice for him. He loves the ability to help nonprofits from every sector and every type of community, and has enjoyed how inclusive the staff is at Tech Impact. With so many different perspectives, ages, and backgrounds, he loves the conversations and comradery across the teams he works with.

“I am not done yet – I knew I had a lot more in the tank. I joked around when I was being interviewed ‘you can’t put this horse out to pasture yet!”.