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Lauren Cannon Celebrates 20 Years

Lauren Cannon has seen Tech Impact grow from a boot-strapping, regional 11-person organization to a thriving national organization that serves 1,000 of nonprofits and individuals each year. And she’s never been more grateful that she has spent the last 20 years being an eyewitness to its transformational and impactful journey.

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A Prosperous Coworking Friendship

Lauren found her way to Tech Impact through a coworker, one that is now also celebrating over 20 years of service to Tech Impact, Linda Widdop. After forming a great bond during their time working together at an old job, Linda called up Lauren a few months after leaving and said “pack your stuff, you are coming with me!”. A month later, Lauren found herself in a job that felt more like an impulse decision. “When I started, I had little to no background as an administrative coordinator or technology – I had no business applying for this job. But Tech Impact took a chance on me – they believed in me more than I did myself. That always makes me appreciate where I started and where I am now”.

Over the years, Lauren found herself working her way up the ranks of the small, but mighty and growing organization, and even found herself back in school working on a degree that Tech Impact helped support. After graduating with Business Management accreditation, Lauren realized she took enough classes in HR to be certified in Human Resources. “I looked at our CEO and told him I unexpectedly went the HR route and he immediately said ‘congratulations! You are our new HR Manager!’, and that was a crucial turning point in my career.”

How 20 Years Has Shaped Her Life

Over the next decade, Lauren went from Administrative Coordinator to Office Manager, to HR Manager, to HR Director. She has seen the entirety of Tech Impact’s history and couldn’t be prouder of that fact. “I have so many great relationships – it’s the glue that holds me here. The people, the culture, the comradery. I am so thankful to have met these people that are doing amazing things in the world, and I can be a part of that”.

When reflecting on her 20+ year career at Tech Impact, Lauren is particularly thankful for two things – the opportunities it has provided, and the support of her family and personal life. “I had two children throughout my time here, and I was never asked to put my job in front of my family, and that was so important to me.” Along with the tangible benefits, the work/life support, and career opportunities, Lauren is remise not to mention the experience she’s taken advantages of – “I’ve traveled to cities across the country to support our events, I’ve watched and supported individuals grow in their careers, and I got to kayak down the Colorado River for a team building day – does it get any better than that?”

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