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A Transformative Journey and Continued Impact - Matthew Heartsfield's ITWorks Journey

Matthew Hartsfield shares his story of transitioning from odd jobs and college frustrations to a flourishing career in the tech industry.

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Workforce Program Alum

Matthew Heartsfield’s  journey started off when his younger brother Justin stumbled upon the ITWorks program. 

At that time, Matt was a college student working part-time as Justin's manager at Rita’s earning $20 an hour. Witnessing his brother's career transformation and his venture into a new tech position after graduating from ITWorks, Matt grew disillusioned with his current job and the constraints of traditional education. "After grappling with college for four years and feeling stuck, I took a year off from credits. Once I overcame that hesitation, joining ITWorks became an obvious and empowering decision." Matt’s exploration of ITWorks became a catalyst for a significant shift in both his educational and career.

Matt became a member of the 2014 Philadelphia Cohort and over the course of the 16-week program he learned all the necessary technical and soft skills he needed to enter the IT field as an entry-level technician. He passed his CompTIA A+ certification with flying colors and landed his first full-time position following graduation. Reflecting on the program's enduring influence, Matt appreciates the interpersonal skills he  acquired and grew during his time at ITWorks. Transitioning from a hesitant speaker to a confident worker, he moved up the ranks during his decade-long tech career and now proudly serves as an IT Manager. "I take pride in working for distinguished institutions and having a reputable name in the Philadelphia area."

A pivotal moment in Matthew's journey was being honored as the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Awardee, a testament to his unwavering dedication to the program. Matthew has returned to volunteer and support students as a mentor and lunch and learn speaker. He’s clocked over 40 hours of volunteer time, served as an ITWorks ambassador, and champions the program's unique ability to cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering inclusivity within the tech industry.

Matt finds the most fulfillment in providing for his family and himself. "I've found a career and acquired possessions I never dreamed of owning. ITWorks dismantles the barrier of fear for those lacking work experience.