National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cyber Security Month

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and Tech Impact wants to help your organization improve its security posture against cyber threats and reduce the risk of data breaches. A single data breach could cripple your organization’s ability to serve your community and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to recover from.

Here are four easy steps you can complete this month:

  1. Take this short, interactive quiz to identify how and where you are vulnerable to a cyberattack.
  2. Complete a security audit or assessment, like Tech Impact's low-cost, expert-guided SecCheck, that delivers a tangible report with actionable steps.
  3. Plan for a network vulnerability scan that simulates an attack against your network to reveal any vulnerabilities and/or weaknesses.
  4. Explore our favorite blog posts and downloads to bolster your knowledge around relevant topics and tools that can help.

No matter where your organization lands in its cybersecurity journey, Tech Impact's team of security experts can help. We work exclusively with nonprofit clients and include services ranging from virtual security advisors, vulnerability scans, staff training, and cybersecurity audits along with a full calendar of events and a library full of resources to help! 

Check out our cybersecurity resources here.