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Disaster Recovery: Planning Ahead for the Unthinkable

A short article explaining nonprofit's assets, risks, and what effective disaster-recovery plans look like.

Think about all of your nonprofit’s assets, from the computers and servers around your office to the data you store on them. What would you do if something bad happened to them? Would your staff be able to carry out essential work? 

Disaster can take many forms, from the natural—floods, tornados, earthquakes, pandemics—to those caused by humans— fires, theft, cyberattack, power outage. It also includes the unintentional—such as a well-meaning staff member accidentally deleting your entire database—and more predictable disasters, like a malfunctioning server or computer crash taking your network offline. It doesn’t have to be a big, full-scale disaster, either. It might be something as simple as your phone systems going down unexpectedly. 

Would your staff still be able to carry out essential work? This article helps you to determine the risks your organization can face and create a plan for your nonprofit to be disaster prepared. 

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