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Future-Proof Your Grantees: 10 Ways to Fund Nonprofits for Long-Term Success

Tech Impact created this guide as a resource to bridge the gap between technology’s power for good and the capacity to harness that power.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fund a single project that would have a positive impact throughout all of your grantees’ programs and services? 

You can! That project: technology capacity building. While technology in and of itself will not save lives or end world hunger, it can have a powerful effect on every organization’s mission. Properly supported, the right technologies can build your grantees’ effectiveness and efficiency and multiply the impact of your other grants and programs. Many foundations are reluctant to support technology projects. As a result, many nonprofits are reluctant to directly ask for that support. 

Tech Impact created this guide as a resource to bridge this gap. In this guide you will find more about...

The Technology Opportunity 

  • Technology has a direct impact on a nonprofit’s ability to deliver core programs and services. When technology suffers, outcomes suffer. 
  • Nonprofits need a functional and secure infrastructure, sound data management tools and practices, digital communication and collaboration platforms, and technology leadership and governance in order to succeed. 
  • Lack of knowledge, personnel, and funding are barriers. So are attitudes like fear of technology or thinking of technology as peripheral to the mission. But these problems are solvable. 
  • If funders are responsive to grantees’ needs and concerns around technology, it can multiply the impact of grantmaking.

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