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Microsoft Azure for Nonprofits

Learn more about the most important aspects of Microsoft Azure, how it can reduce your operational costs, and why your nonprofit should be migrating to the cloud.

Is your nonprofit still relying on local servers to maintain your data?

While most organizations use some basic cloud services, many are still reliant on local servers to store and manage some of their most vital data. However, local servers require a lot of financial resources and expertise to maintain, and an unexpected or unavoidable disaster could easily set your organization back.

“Nonprofits are taking advantage of the Microsoft 365 donation, so they already have email, file sharing, and collaboration tools in the cloud,” said Francis Johnson, Chief Technology Officer here at Tech Impact. “But many are still reliant on local servers for things like databases, Active Directory, and software tools.” Does this sound like your nonprofit? 

Download our article to learn more about: 

  • Why you should switch from local servers to the cloud 
  • How to move software to the cloud
  • Important aspects of Microsoft Azure
  • How Microsoft Azure can reduce your operational costs

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