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Tech Consulting for Nonprofits

Our experience as a nonprofit organization that exclusively serves other nonprofits makes us uniquely qualified to offer cloud planning, IT planning and IT leadership services. Below are a few of the services we offer in nonprofit tech consulting.

Don’t see a perfect fit? Let us know what you need and we can create a service package to fit your organization.

Cloud Planning

  • Thanks to donations from leading cloud providers like Microsoft, Amazon and Google, nonprofits have more affordable access to enterprise level cloud technologies than most for-profit companies. Moving your email and files to the cloud is one thing, but what about infrastructure and compliance standards?
  • Work with Tech Impact’s cloud planning experts to plan your nonprofit’s next cloud adoption. We can help you identify licensing and tools you’ll need in order to work towards compliance with industry requirements.

IT Planning

  • Nonprofit technology environments are becoming more complex and choosing the right policy or plan is more important than ever. While we shift our attention from just “making things work” to bigger, better and more complex issues we must have IT policy frameworks developed to guide our staff to make the best decisions about the new ways in which they’re using technology.
  • Create policies and road maps that align with your mission and prioritize your budget with the help of Tech Impact’s IT Planning consulting service for nonprofits.

IT Leadership

  • As technology evolves so must we as nonprofit leaders. It is time to start thinking differently about the role of our IT department as we need to depend on them less for infrastructure maintenance and more for maintaining policies related to our devices, data and security.
  • Through Tech Impact’s nonprofit tech consulting services, your leadership team will have access to our staff of tech experts for IT meetings and decision making. Our experience with implementation and adoption exclusively with nonprofits will ensure that your organization is able to take advantage of nonprofit pricing and avoid pitfalls.

TechCheck – Expert-Guided Technology Capacity Assessment

TechCheck is an expert-guided technology capacity assessment tool that evaluates your organization’s current technology use and digital maturity. This is a low-cost offering that connects you with a tech advisor who will assist with the assessment and deliver customized recommendations to help move your nonprofit forward.

Technology Transformation

  • To stay relevant nonprofits need to be open to using technology to fundamentally change how they interact with their constituents and how those constituents interact with each other and the wider world.
  • Tech Impact’s IT Transformation services will provide your organization with the expertise needed to identify opportunities for technology to create real and meaningful change for your constituents. We have the expertise needed in Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other cutting edge technologies to help you understand how technology can be applied within your organization.

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