CRM Software Selection: A Comprehensive Guide

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This course covers best practices and tips for selecting nonprofit CRM software. CRM, or Constituent Relationship Management, can include the data systems you use to track and manage relationships with donors, volunteers, program participants, activists, and similar types of constituents.

These lessons will help you determine whether you actually need a new CRM, guide you through the steps of the selection process and timelines, and outline who should be involved in decision-making. You'll also get an introduction to the processes for prepping for and viewing software demos and keeping that information organized for better decision-making. The course will not tell you which software to choose, but it will equip you to do your research and make a wise choice with confidence.

While it only takes about two hours to complete the lessons in this course, the software selection process itself typically takes three to six months. The worksheets included in this course may be helpful to use offline with your team to clarify goals and expectations. You'll be able to save your progress and come back to this course over time.

This course contains a pre and post-assessment to track your learning, and 17 lessons with videos, worksheets, and downloadable resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess your organization's needs for new software.
  • Design a software selection process appropriate to your situation and based on best practices.
  • Determine criteria for how you will make your decisions.

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