Building A Career In The US - Kumari's CXWorks Journey

Kumari Senarathne moved to the US in 2020 with job experience in banking, but found CXWorks to help her navigate the American work culture and build her network in the Las Vegas region.

Impact Audience
Workforce Program Alum

Kumari Senarathne moved to the States from Sri Lanka in July of 2020 with her three daughters. 

After helping her family adjust to their new home in Henderson, NV, she started feeling like something was missing. “I felt like a caged-bird! I had no network and no contacts to help me get a job, or even job training. I wanted to get out there and start something, but wasn’t sure what I could do” said Kumari. Before her family’s big move, she worked at a bank and had customer service skills and experience, so when an ad came across her social media accounts for CXWorks, she decided to go ahead and apply. After talking with CXWork’s Program Managers and Instructors, she was accepted into the 2023 Spring cohort to start mastering her customer service and call center skills.

Throughout the eight-week program, Kumari expanded her skillset, updated her professional resume and interview skills, but most importantly, she made connections. “One of the biggest parts of this program is the contacts you make throughout the region with big employers and influential leaders. I never would have had a chance to meet so many helpful people.” Not only did Kumari get the opportunity to meet and talk with business leaders through the program’s Friday sessions and lunch and learn days, but she also made relationships with Tech Impact program staff. “When I started the interview process for a job, all of a sudden I had 2, 3, 4 references to put down and that was something I never would have had without this program”.

After graduating from the program in April, Kumari was quick to secure a position at Barclays. Her previous banking experience coupled with CXWorks skill building curriculum was a great match for both parties. “I have been so happy here, I love the people and the culture. Everyone has been so helpful, they do great training and provide great support, it’s been a wonderful experience.”

Kumari credits the program with helping her jumpstart her work in the US and supporting her as she navigated the different cultural nuances from her home country to Las Vegas. Now that she has settled into a great career, she has big plans – “I love portrait photography and am finally having the chance to invest in my creative side. It feels so good to be able to help support my family, my passion, and my life all together”