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Nia’s Life-Changing Journey Through CXWorks

Nia Hobbs was in a difficult situation with little resources available. After a chance encounter that introduced her to CXWorks, she was able to take control and change her career, and life, path.

Impact Audience
Workforce Program Alum

In 2019, Nia Hobbs was struggling to find stability in her job and housing situation. 

With a baby on the way, she had the determination to make a change, but didn’t know where to start. Thankfully, a case worker at the maternity house she was living in passed along information about Tech Impact’s CXWorks program and Nia began exploring the opportunity. “When I first checked it out, it seemed like an overwhelming decision to make. Was it too good to be true? An opportunity to get paid while bettering my life? I had never had a chance like this before, but decided to give it my all and I am so glad I did.” 

Nia joined the 2019 Las Vegas CXWorks cohort and spent the next eight weeks finetuning her professional, technical, and soft skills to prepare her for a position in Customer Service. Through mentorship, off-site field trips, and a team of dedicated volunteers and staff, Nia sailed through the program and graduated ready for employment. She received a full-time job offer at Barclays in their collections department and for the first time in her adult life, felt like she could breathe. “I went from not being able to get a job because no one was hiring a seven-month pregnant woman, to having multiple offers on the table. I was floored, relieved, and excited.” 

Nia has continued her tenure at Barclays and has excelled through multiple job changes and promotions. “I started in collections, moved to fraud detection, and in-between I was cross trained in disputes. It’s been so exciting having so many different departments and skillsets to tap into. I’ve really enjoyed the environment, the training, and the growth opportunities I’ve gotten from Barclays”. 

As she reflects on her journey from CXWorks student to full-time employee at Barclays, Nia can’t help, but smile. She moved into her own place, bought her first car, and opened her first credit card. “I believed in myself, I believed in this program, and it changed my life. I was homeless and pregnant 4 years ago - I can now provide for my kids and myself the way I have always wanted to.” 

Now as a CXWorks graduate, Nia gives back to the program when she can by referring friends and relatives to consider the opportunity. In early 2024, she dropped her sister off at the Tech Impact offices in downtown Las Vegas to start her own CXWorks journey because she believes in it so much. “If I had the chance to talk to anyone interested in bettering their life through a program like this, I would say go for it. Don’t be afraid to jump – take the chance and invest in yourself and you will see the benefits.”