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IT Security Services for Nonprofits

Security is at the forefront of nonprofit leaders’ concerns. All nonprofits are exposed to security threats that can lead to loss of data, money, and reputation. Tech Impact understands these threats and can help you assess your risks and mitigate potential losses.

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Tech Impact is positioned to help your nonprofit create a secure computing environment. We understand the complexity of compliance regulations such as PCI and HIPAA. Our cybersecurity services will help you balance user productivity with the security that gives you, your board, and your funders peace of mind.

IT Security Risk Assessment

A security risk assessment is an affordable way to prepare for an upcoming audit, cyber insurance renewal, and gain peace of mind knowing that your organization has a lower risk of a data breach. Tech Impact conducts a comprehensive investigation of the threats your organization faces, the resources you need to protect it, and the defenses you currently have in place. We generate recommendations, a road map, and a rough budget for securing any gaps that are discovered.

SecCheck – Expert-Guided Security & Compliance Assessment

SecCheck is an expert-guided assessment that evaluates your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance maturity. This is a low-cost offering that connects you with a security advisor who will assist with the assessment and deliver customized recommendations to help move your nonprofit forward. Learn more.

Policy Builder

Nonprofit computer user policies are often non-existent or seriously outdated. The lack of an updated policy opens the organization to data and information compromises. The process of creating a policy that covers areas including acceptable use, data privacy, and use of personal devices can be daunting but with Tech Impact’s Policy Builder, you can create or update your policy by answering a few questions and meeting with our technology advisors. Learn more.

IT Security Consulting

Tech Impact provides ongoing practical guidance to nonprofits to create a secure computing environment. Our team can serve as a high-level architectural advisor or manage security-enhancing systems for you (and everything in between). Our services are structured around best practices for nonprofits, and we recommend only tools and techniques that can reasonably be implemented. We’ll help you focus on applying your resources to increase your organizational security and help you become compliant. We can be available for as few or as many hours a month as your organization needs.

Cloud Platform Security

Most nonprofits have adopted affordable cloud platforms including Microsoft 365 and Google for Nonprofits. Securing these platforms requires expertise in licensing, features, and configuration to ensure that data is safe. Tech Impact will help your nonprofit configure and maintain the highest level of security to reduce data breaches and meet data compliance needs.

Cloud Device & Identity Management

Compromised identity is the #1 risk to any nonprofit’s security. Tech Impact will help your organization reduce the likelihood that user identity can be leveraged to compromise data through multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), mobile device management (MDM), and other methods available through Microsoft 365, Google for Nonprofits and other solutions.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Our planning process begins with a template that will guide you through the preparation process resulting in a succinct document your organization can count on when the unthinkable happens. Additional consultation and services are available to meet your organization’s needs. Read about the two questions every IT Disaster Recovery Plan should answer and learn more here.

Network Vulnerability Scan

Tech Impact will conduct a simulated attack against your nonprofit’s public-facing/external IP addresses assigned to your network. The tests are designed to reveal vulnerabilities in your network’s defenses that could potentially be exploited by a cybercriminal to gain unauthorized access to your organization’s network, resources, or assets, and to leverage them for financial gain. Learn More.

IT Security Awareness and Training

Tech Impact partners with KnowBe4, the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks, to provide your users with the education they need to reduce the risk of data loss at your nonprofit. Learn more about our discount licensing and training.

Free Resource: Creating a Culture That Values Security

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