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Nonprofit Data Management

Leverage Your Data to Be More Effective

Tech Impact’s data management services help nonprofits manage and analyze data costs effectively. Regardless of how mature your data systems are, our data and analysis experts can help you understand and share your impact which leads to increased funding opportunities and improved business operations.

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Data Systems Selection
Data Systems Selection

Our team can help yours find the best data system for your organization’s unique needs.

Reporting and Visuals
Reporting and Visuals

Our experts analyze nonprofit data to share publicly or for your staff to review internally.

Ongoing Support

We provide consistent administrative, analytical and technical support for a variety of nonprofit data systems (Saleforce.org, Office 365 & SharePoint Online, RaisersEdge, Excel, Access, etc.).

We’re here to help with nonprofit data management

You and your colleagues understand the valuable impact your organization has on the communities you serve. Tech Impact strives to enhance that impact through our data management services, allowing your nonprofit to get organized, increase efficiency, and expand the reach of your services. We can address your data needs in three core areas – Data for Operations, Data for Fundraising and Data for Impact

Nonprofit Data Management for Operations

Data tools help nonprofits improve the efficiency and quality of services. They can help you understand workload, make adjustments to the quality and quantity of services you provide and create positive cultural change within your organization. Our services include:

  • Database selection, configuration and implementation
  • Interactive reporting
  • Ongoing data support management services

Nonprofit Data Management for Fundraising

All nonprofits fill funding gaps through some form of individual, foundation or corporate fundraising. Data plays a key role in helping nonprofits generate more funding. Is your nonprofit utilizing data-driven storytelling, self-service data preparation tools and targeting technologies? If not, we can help you leverage your data to get more out of your fundraising efforts. Our services include:

  • Donor management selection and implementation
  • Creation of compelling visual reports and interactive annual reports
  • Ongoing donor management support

Nonprofit Data Management for Impact

Community impact requires doing more than delivering services – it requires delivering services that work. This isn’t an easy thing to measure, but it is possible. Measuring impact can unlock entirely new approaches for your nonprofit. Our services include:

  • Data management
  • Data analytics and analysis
  • Measurement and evaluation

Explore our Data Innovation Lab, which uses advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence to help organizations solve problems that will make our communities a better place.


Our team can create beautiful and interactive dashboards, for public or internal consumption, to showcase your organization’s outcomes. For example, check out our Tech Impact Programs and Services Outcome Dashboard, click here or the image below to view.

Storytelling Reports

Our experts can help you translate your data into usable information in the form of reports which incorporate visuals and text analysis to equip you for success at your next board or donor meeting.


Whether your data lives in spreadsheets, or one or multiple data systems, our team can help you create visualizations which can help you analyze your efforts to improve and predict outcomes, or share your story with your stakeholders.

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