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2024 Topics Announced This Spring

2023 Featured Talks

Harnessing AR For More Profound and Accessible Storytelling

Idris Brewster, Founder and Executive Director, Kinfolk

Kinfolk specializing in bringing the underrepresented history of black and brown people to light using technology, with the ultimate mission of uprooting oppressive systems and reconsidering public spaces through art, technology, and storytelling.

Hear Kinfolk’s Co-Founder share his experience building and leading Kinfolk and the development of their flagship Augmented Reality app, which allows anyone with a smartphone the ability to place an AR monument that celebrates and honors history’s underrepresented heroes in community centers, local museums, living rooms, and more.

Bringing Tech, Data, Research, and Design Capabilities to the Child Welfare Field

Sixto Cancel, CEO, Think of Us

Think of Us is a research and design lab for the social sector. Led and guided by people who have been directly impacted by the child welfare system, they publish groundbreaking research, work with cities, states, and tribes to co-design and implement solutions to long-standing challenges, and advise federal and state policy makers on effective, bipartisan solutions.
Think of Us have raised $47M through the Audacious project for a five-year project to scale their capacity to bring tech, data, research, and design capabilities to the child welfare field.

Claiming Nonprofit's Seat at the AI Table

Emily Yu, Founder and CEO, AI PRIORI, INC.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to disrupt every industry, including the public sector. Faced with the power, promise, and potential peril of AI, nonprofit leaders possess expertise in strategies critical to addressing AI’s technical and adaptive challenges. Join us as we explore the role of community-centered approaches in machine learning and how nonprofit leaders can apply them to further their organization’s goals.

Artificial Intelligence, Human Values: Scaling your Impact through Responsible AI

Erin McHugh Saif, Microsoft Tech for Social Impact

How we work is changing by the minute. Join this session to explore groundbreaking technologies, including Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, that are transforming the work of nonprofit professionals from too overwhelming to more strategic.
We’ll discuss great tools and compelling reasons to learn and leverage generative AI and machine learning for fundraising, productivity, and donor communications in ways rooted to your ethics and values so that your organization can achieve greater program effectiveness and mission impact.

2023 Breakout Session Featured Talks

Managing Nonprofit Risk

Francis Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Tech Impact

As security measures continue to grow, so does the threat landscape they are trying to protect against. SOC (Security Operations Center) and SIEM (Security Incident Event Management) combine two powerhouse services that help nonprofits stay ahead of attackers.

Explore new ideas and offerings around risk management, what they mean for nonprofits, and how to identify specific needs to help ensure your organization's safety.

Navigating Identity for Nonprofits: A Step-by-Step Approach to Strengthening Security and Enhancing Trust

Jon Lehtinen, Senior Director of Okta on Okta and Board Member at IDPro

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving landscape, and nonprofits face unique challenges when it comes to identity management and security. Limited IT and security personnel, funding constraints, and a myriad of stakeholders to protect like donors, and program recipients can slow adoption of technology, ultimately leaving sensitive data vulnerable and putting stakeholder trust at risk.

This presentation will guide IT and security practitioners through a step-by-step approach to identity and access management. You’ll learn why to prioritize identity components like single sign-on, lifecycle management, and passwordless authentication, how to identity considerations for protecting and fostering trust with volunteers, donors, members, and program recipients, and hear how other organizations have effectively navigated the identity journey and achieved tangible improvements in security and stakeholder trust.

How Dashboards Changed Our Organization

Brian Ford, Chief of Staff, National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)

Dashboards are a popular concept, and for good reason. When built with intentionality, they are a quick and easy snapshot of organizational data that save your constituents a great deal of time. We are excited to bring you an interactive session where you can explore inefficiencies to target and resolve through easily digestible reports and extraordinary clarity. (Spoiler alert: open dialogue about what does not work [and why] is KEY!)

Join the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) team for a peek behind the curtain at how they created efficiencies and built an interactive reporting dashboard for staff and board members without breaking the bank. This simple, but powerful technology created a vehicle to better communicate KPI and impact data real time. Learn how NEFE identified the gap, turned it into an opportunity and created a solution that continues to evolve and support the organization.

Analytics Don't Need To Be
Dramatic To Be Valuable

Andrew Patricio, Principal, Digital Services, Unidos US

With terms like “data science” we may be guilty of unconsciously setting unrealistically high expectations when we make the case for analytics to our colleagues and leadership. But in reality, organizations don’t need it to be that daunting, or to wait for some unexpected program result or startling correlation to justify an investment in analytics. It’s less about insights in results than insights in actions: what can and does your analytics tell you about what to do next?

Hear how Unidos harnessed experimentation in analytics – systematically trying different approaches and iterating towards what is most effective – and how you can take your analytics from dramatic promises to ubiquitous usage.

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