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Technology Innovation Awards

Does your nonprofit have a technology related project idea that will advance your mission? The Technology Innovation Awards recognize nonprofit organizations that have plans to positively impact their communities and change lives, through innovative technology projects. 


Could your organization benefit from a $10,000 technology grant?

Tech Forward will grant $10,000 to nonprofits to help implement these technologies. From building apps for your community, producing interactive data sets for your funders, or creating programs using predictive analytics, the TIA grant is a catalyst to starting projects that can help you reach your mission.


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The 2024 Application Window Is Now Open Through July 26


Eligible nonprofits must:

  • Be a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 charitable organization (as defined by the Internal Revenue Services), other than: churches and organizations whose primary mission is to promote a religion; private schools, colleges, or universities; nonprofit hospitals or cooperative hospital service organizations; and governmental units.
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility, which is defined by adherence to general accounting standards.
  • Be inclusive and embrace diversity; does not discriminate in service delivery and employment on any basis including ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Have an annual operating budget of at least $500,000.
  • Send a representative to the conference to accept the award (travel stipend available).

Part One: Eligibility (must meet all requirements above)
Part Two: Organizational Information

  • Organization Name
  • EIN #
  • Website URL
  • Primary Contact Information
  • Annual Budget

Part Three: Organizational Background

  • Mission
  • Offered Services
  • Key Constituents
  • Additional, Relevant Background (if applicable)

Part Four: Technology Project

  • Project Name | Project Teaser Description
  • Full Project Description
  • Target Timeline & Dates
  • Draft Project Budget (Attach)
  • Part Five: Project Impact
  • Target Impact
  • Lifespan of Impact / Measurable Metrics

*These questions are subject to change

Application is open to all US based organizations, or international organizations with US presence. International organization that are registered through a US-based nonprofit or parent organization are also eligible.


Winners will be notified in August and announced at the Tech Forward Conference in September. Winners are expected to send at least one representative to the conference to accept award.


Yes, winners should agree to send at least one representative to the Tech Forward Conference in September. Travel stipend will be provided.


Winners are asked to provide six month updates to Tech Impact for assistance and promotional purposes only.


Combined Arms: Powered by advanced analytics and over 2.6M data points, Combined Arms’s LifeRx is a first of its kind, innovative and forward thinking solution to meet the needs of veterans and military families, before they even know they need them. LifeRx not only meets veterans where they are, we’ll meet them where they need to be, before they’re there.

Humanitix: Making events accessible and searchable in North America, Humanitix is implementing an accessibility platform in North America such that people with disabilities can search event types by accessibility requirement (i.e. close captioning, braille symbols, wheelchair access) and location.

mRelief: The “Insights in a SNAP” project proposes to re-architect our data pipeline and related analytics infrastructure with the primary outcome of enabling responsive decision-making and quick innovation to meet our clients’ emergent needs, increasing the number of individuals who successfully apply for SNAP benefits.

Wilmington Alliance: Wilmington Alliance will build sets of analytical visualizations, The Wilmington Impact Dashboard: From Data to Decisions, to assess the outcomes of our equitable wealth-creation programming alongside key socioeconomic indicators from the marginalized communities in the city. We will identify gaps in economic opportunity that disproportionately affect particular, Wilmington neighborhoods based on demographics and geographics, thus allowing us to communicate these insights to stakeholders and strategically improve our programming services to help the residents and small businesses of highest need.

ViequesLove: The ViequesLove Emergency Asset Mapping Development Project is a web-based software project designed to provide all Vieques emergency responders and organizations a planning and operational tool to inventory, track, locate, and analyze gaps in a wide range of critical resources required for preparation, response, and relief before, during, and after any emergency. The system is fundamentally a GIS map integrated database allowing entities to enter (and share) their own data (text, images, & map locations) onto the online platform and access the same with a full range of digital devices from the office or in the field.

Nationality Services Center: NSC will create the nation's first Ready to Welcome app, connecting community members to newly arriving refugees to support their initial needs.  The app will make it easy for individuals and community to support welcome in their communities.

Questions? Contact [email protected] with the subject line “TIA Question“